A chip or crack in your windscreen is a huge safety concern and it can happen at any time through no fault of your own. Windscreen damage needs to be repaired quickly and to the highest safety standards to make sure that further damage and potential accidents are avoided.

Call Refurb as soon as you notice any windscreen damage and we will be able to carry out a repair quickly and easily so that you are safely back on the road in next to no time.



Alloy wheels show up damage very easily, they affect the resale value of your vehicle and they can prove very costly when returning a lease car or mobility vehicle. Using the most current technology your alloys can be refurbished to a very high standard whether they are corroded, kerbed, scratched or chipped.

Alloy wheel refurbishment costs a fraction of the money that a replacement would cost and makes a huge difference in the appearance of your vehicle. Call us for a no obligation quote and ask us about our mobile service.



If your car or van has been bumped in a supermarket or you have been involved in a minor traffic accident, we can help you.

Refurb specialise in repairing bodywork, restoring paintwork and removing dents and we can do this quickly and cost effectively employing the latest techniques to make sure that your vehicle looks as good as new.

Call us for a quote, we can either come out to your place of work or home, or we can carry out the repairs at our fully equipped service centre in Denton, Manchester. Because of our specialism in smart repairs, we can ensure that you are getting the best value for money and the fastest service to get you back on the road in no time.



Cars and vans are generally in everyday use and because of this show evidence of wear and tear very easily.

If your car or van has tears on the upholstery, scratches on the interior trim and you would like these restoring back to their former glory then Total Refurb Solutions can definitely help you.

We can ensure that the inside of your vehicle is pristine and therefore ensure that your vehicle can achieve its maximum resale value and avoid hefty charges when returning your lease car or van.



There may be an occasion where your car or van gets damaged or vandalised, and you need a cost-effective and fast repair.

Acts of mindless vandalism are on the increase, and cars and vans are often a target because of how accessible they are, usually parked on the street. After you have reported the incident to the police call us at Refurb, we can repair any damage or scratches restoring your vehicle to pristine condition.

If your car is in daily use and you are worried about it being off the road causing further inconvenience, then don’t worry. Our mobile service offered around the greater Manchester area means that usually your minor bodywork repairs can be carried out on location at either your home or workplace minimising any disruption, or for larger, more complex repairs at our workshop in Denton, Manchester.



Refurb specialises in what the industry refers to as “Smart repairs”.

This simply means that where there is an area on the inside or outside of your vehicle or windscreen that is damaged, we can use the latest technology to repair just this small area rather than replacing or respraying an entire panel. The obvious benefit to you is that you save a lot of money and repairs can be carried out quickly but because of the techniques we use and our many years of experience the repair is as good as new with the highest quality finish.

If you have any dents, scratches or minor accident damage or your car or van is showing signs of wear and tear inside then call us, and we can give you a no-obligation quote to repair the damage.

We work from a fully equipped workshop in Denton, Manchester but because of our state of the art equipment, we can also offer a mobile service through greater Manchester and Stockport too. So even if your vehicle is in constant use we can work around you by carrying out the repair either at home or at your place of work.



Refurb uses the most up to date dent removal techniques and combines those with over ten years experience to bring you the very best results when tackling dents on your car or van.

Dents can be unsightly and massively reduce the resale value of your vehicle or if you are driving a lease car, lead to a rather hefty charge when your lease term is up.

Rather than being put off with the thought of costly, traditional bodywork repairs talk to us about paintless dent removal, where we use a special technique to give you a factory finish without the huge repair bill. We can carry out this service either at your home or place of work anywhere in the Greater Manchester or Stockport areas or at our specialist repair centre in Denton, Manchester.


Call us to find out how we can help you.

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